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Announcing the Epsagon Live Demo Environment


Our live demo environment is up and running!

After many requests, we’ve decided to open today the live demo environment of Epsagon. It is easily accessible via this link:

Why did we set a public demo environment?

As we mentioned in our Epsagon launch post, we are big believers in self-serve to drive the adoption and growth of serverless by developers. The live environment is a real, live application, deployed in AWS using AWS Lambda, API gateway, SNS, Kinesis, and other services and APIs. it is constantly processing requests.

What can you do with this environment?

Everything! Except for monitoring your own application. You can watch how Epsagon works for our demo application, including statistics, visualization, distributed tracing, cost analysis, and more. Try it now!

Got any requests?

We’re happy to add more features to the environment - just let us know!

Epsagon is Launching!
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Nitzan Shapira
Nitzan Shapira

I am a software engineer with over 12 years of experience in programming, machine learning, cyber-security, and reverse engineering. During the last year, I am working on Epsagon, being a co-founder and the CEO. Epsagon is focused on bringing observability to serverless cloud applications, using distributed tracing and AI technologies, tackling the unique challenges in such environments. Apart from co-founding Epsagon, I enjoy playing the piano, I am a traveling enthusiast, an experienced chess player, and addicted to sports.


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