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Epsagon Is Now an AWS Advanced Technology Partner


We are excited to announce that Epsagon is now an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. This status is the advanced tier of the APN (AWS Partner Network). Epsagon achieved this status by meeting strict quality, security, reliability, and support standards.


At Epsagon, we are fully-serverless. What does that mean? Well, it means several things.

  • From day one, we put much effort into building a fully-serverless product, which helped us gain extensive experience in designing, developing and operating serverless applications.
  • Our customers are serverless, and their feedback helps us understand what truly matters when monitoring serverless applications. We realized that it's much more than just tracking Lambda functions.
  • Since our entire purpose in life is providing observability into distributed serverless applications, and since we are serverless ourselves, we created "Meta Epsagon" - a "sister" environment of Epsagon, which purpose is to monitor the original Epsagon. As users of our product, it increased our understanding of the problem tremendously.

What's next? We will keep innovating and building the most appropriate solution for today's modern cloud applications. At Epsagon, we believe that the key to success is a passionate team, unique technology, and most importantly - listening to your customers constantly.

Stay tuned - more things are coming soon!

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Nitzan Shapira
Nitzan Shapira

I am a software engineer with over 12 years of experience in programming, machine learning, cyber-security, and reverse engineering. During the last year, I am working on Epsagon, being a co-founder and the CEO. Epsagon is focused on bringing observability to serverless cloud applications, using distributed tracing and AI technologies, tackling the unique challenges in such environments. Apart from co-founding Epsagon, I enjoy playing the piano, I am a traveling enthusiast, an experienced chess player, and addicted to sports.

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